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50+ Experts & Luminaries offer Support,  Tools, Advocacy, and Self-Care to Prevent Burnout   

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Enjoy music, poetry, art, nutrition, and more!

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Check out these samples below:

Dr. Alexandre Kalache
Int'l Longevity Center, brazil

Liz Vogel
Connect the Dots, Vermont

Daniel Ferraz
CEO onguardian, texas


Scroll down to learn more about our speakers: Industry Experts, Passionate Advocates, and Innovative Creators who will give you a master's degree in positive aging, managing older parents and preventing burnout with tips for self care.

This Summit is a life-saver for current Caregivers, and an incredible investment for anyone who might become one in the future, (and chances are, you will!) Over 40 hours of material, Care Package, + tons of downloadable resources!

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The sessions are organized into seven distinct days, in a professional track and a friends & family track.  Click the arrow next to each Day to see the featured speakers.

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Care Package

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Current and Upcoming Caregivers

Get Support, Inspiration, Tools, Advocacy, Training and Self Care.

Professionals and Industry Innovators

Global Experts will Inspire, Educate, Update and Raise the Bar.

This Summit Will Save You Time, Money, Hassle and Burnout! Be Inspired by Global Luminaries

Have you ever thought about how often we are asked to care for one another? Life is filled with moments that require us to stop the world and attend to those we love or care about - our child, a friend, an aging parent, and ourselves. Caregiving is truly one of the noblest, most selfless ventures on Earth.

Over 50 speakers from 17 countries will share leading edge tools, insights, and personal stories including policy updates, family coordination of care, respite and self care, high tech tools to improve independence, family caregiver reflections and more.

 Think of it as a free online conference or Netflix series that brings you knowledge and help for the most important job of your life.  

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  • Audio downloads + resources
  • All Access Pass option for no time limit

Traveling to a conference is expensive - time away from home, conference fees, hotels, food, and travel costs add up! The beauty of a virtual conference? We are able to bring you a large number of sessions, international speakers, and diverse topics. This gives you the highest quality content, all from the comfort of home!

  • Watch videos or listen to audio sessions
  • Pause, rewind, take notes, and replay
  • Get to know the speakers through their pages
  • Exclusive speaker giveaways and resources
  • All Access Pass gives you content for life

The luxury of a a virtual summit, is it offers a chance to really dig into the material - you can watch it on screen, download the audio podcast,  check out the speaker's bio, links to their work, grab any giveaways they have for you. This content is yours to use, rewind, take notes and truly implement. All of our interviews are designed to be practical, fun, inspiring and easy to use right away.

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Who should attend this Summit?

Professional Caregivers

This summit offers you an incredible scale of information that is difficult to get anywhere else. Watch in the evenings while caring for a client, or listen in the car. We are here to support YOU! Our videos will make you laugh, smile, feel energized, and arm you with tons of practical and up-to-date information.

Unpaid Family Caregivers

Are you caring for your aging parents, spouse, other relative, or close friend physically or remotely? We understand the struggle and frustration caused by the lack of information surrounding this topic! Our summit will help you manage everything from the big picture down to the basics of every day caregiving.

Industry Professionals

As our society ages, the demands of caregiving will become more of a drain on our population affecting both our personal and professional lives. This summit serves as an unprecedented opportunity to get a global snapshot of the issues and educate your staff to help them better balance their lives.

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50+ Speakers, Experts & Luminaries in the caregiving and aging industry

Bonus Care Package! 

Enjoy music, poetry, art, nutrition, and more!

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