Age Without Borders Global Caregiving Virtual Summit

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January 21-26, 2018

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 Summit Experts Include…

Rosalynn Carter

A landmark in bringing caregiving to the forefront of society through The Rosalynn Carter Foundation

Leeza Gibbons

American talk show host, & Co-Host Entertainment Tonight, and founder of Leeza's Care Connection

Jeremy Bloom

Founder Wish of a Lifetime Foundation & two time Olympian skier, 11 time World Cup medalist and professional football player.

Richard Lui

News anchor for MSNBC and NBC News, and featured in AARP Documentary "Caregiving: the Circle of Love"

Joy Loverde

Who's Going to Take Care of Me When I'm Old?

Olle Krassnow

Cycling Without Age- "Get Everyone out for some fresh air"

Wendy Fong

BrainCheck "From PBS Series The Brain to tools to use at home"

Ann Tumlinson

Daughterhood: community for sandwich generation women

Jean Accius

AARP Caregiving Champion: Men as Caregivers

Brenda Avadian

The Caregiver's Voice and "Stuffology" US News & World Report

Justin Boogaard

GoGo Grandparent: easy mobility tools

M. Jane Markley

Aging With Dignity

Amy D'Aprix

Exec. Director DAI Foundation on Caregiving, Toronto, Canada

Haley Gleason

Asst. Director Homecare Aid Council UMass

Hollie Caldwell

Elder Abuse & Veteran Care

Dr. Zaldy Sy Tan

"Caregiver Bootcamps", Medical Director of the UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program

Chris Orestis

CEO Life Care Funding, author "Help is on the Way"

Mitch Beeser

Founder AgeWell, Ireland, South Africa, USA

Sally Abrahms

Award winning journalist and author specializing in aging & baby boomers

Virginia Bell & David Trowel

Best Friends Approach

Dr. Barry Jacobs

National Spokesperson for American Heart Association on Caregiving

Loretta Woodward Veney

Author, "Being My Mom's Mom"

Victor Wang

Former NASA engineer and founder of GeriJoy

Ethelle Lord

Founder/President International Caregivers Association

Angie Boddie

National Caucus & Center for Black Aging

Denise Brown


Robert Espinoza

VP Policy at PHI

Michael Adams

CEO SageUSA, elder LGBT aging issues

Cali Yost

Founder Work+Life Fit

Rabbi Richard Address

Founder Jewish Sacred Aging

Michael Bol

Architect, co-owner Molenaar&Bol&VanDillen, creators of Hogeway Dementia Village Nederlands

Tim Driver

Mature Caregivers- in-home care by 50+ providers

Betsy Wiersma

"Gratitude with attitude" Big idea thinker, author, event producer, expert in experience marketing and mother of Camp experience.

Patty Bortz

Speaker, Author "Mother Daughter Last Chapters"

Brigit Hassig

President, IntelligentAge, Project Director, Masterpiece Living

Amy Yotopoulos

Director, Mind Division Stanford Center on Longevity

CJ Golden

Author, Motivational Speaker Tao Girl

Carrie Shaw

Virtual Reality Entrepreneur

Susan Misiorski

National Director of PHI Coaching and Consulting Services

Shawn Perry

Exec. Producer "The Senior Zone" radio

LeAnn Thieman

Nurse, Author, "Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul"

Mark Hager

Aging in Place Expert

Connie Goldman

Host NPR "All Things Considered," author

Dr. Helen Kao

Head of Geriatrical Clinical Program, UCSF

Jeffrey Rosenfeld

"PlanWise" Gerontologist interested in the (re)design of homes, communities, and products for older people

Cameron Cape

Director of Research - Center for Applied Research in Dementia

Nancy Emerson Lombardo

Healthy Brains, Director Alzheimers Foundation

Jody Holtzman

Senior VP Market Innovations AARP

Kevin O'Neil

CMO Ascension Senior Living

Dr. Kate Lorig

Stanford University School of Medicine, Director Patient Education Research Center

Stefan Deutsch

Founder Creative Aging Inc, author Love Decoded

Danny Trejo

​Actor, Breaking Bad, caregiving spokesperson

Liz Vogel

CEO Dots Inc. Transition & Caregiving Expert

Sky Bergman

Professor at Cal Poly, Filmmaker and documentarian of "Lives Well Lived"

Kay Van Norman

International writer, speaker & wellness consultant

Jill Vitale-Aussem

COO Capella Living Solutions, LeadingAge Leadership Academy Fellow, Eden Alternative certified educator

Sponsor Examples:

Over 44 million people are serving as unpaid caregivers in the USA alone, providing $470 billion in services. The current ratio of professional caregivers to people needing care is falling drastically as our population ages. As Roslyn Carter said, there are only four kinds of people in the world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers."

No matter your age or stage of life, caregiving affects us all. The average age of a family caregiver is now 49.2 years old and trending younger. Forty-eight percent of caregivers are 18 – 49 years old. With more generations under the same roof, caregiving is becoming a family affair. Seven percent of grandchildren are taking of their grandparents.

Whether you are a professional caregiver, or are a caregiver for someone in your family - we've got you covered...This groundbreaking summit is for YOU- we have scoured the globe to bring you top experts to help you learn, engage, find support and be inspired.  Our short videos are fun to watch and filled with great ideas, resources, tools and action plans. Global innovatiors will motivate, inspire and connect you to a new community.  Age Without Borders is Lifelong Learning on the GO!

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"Caring for another person is not about orchestrating the tasks of the day so that we can do it “right.” It is about letting go of our ideas and making room for the two people who are here in this place, in this moment. It is the freedom to be who we are and to open our hearts to ourselves and to those in our care." ~William and Nancy Martin, the Caregivers Tao Te Ching.


The best part is you can get access for FREE!

What makes this Summit Unique?

Traveling to a conference is expensive- both in time away from home and in high costs for conference fees, hotels, travel, etc. The beauty of a virtual conference is we bring the experts directly to you. We are able to produce such a large number of speakers and diverse topics from multiple countries - giving you the highest quality content from the comfort of home!

The luxury of a a virtual summit, is it offers a chance to really dig into the material - you can watch it on screen, download the audio podcast,  check out the speaker's bio, links to their work, grab any giveaways they have for you. This content is yours to use, rewind, take notes and truly implement. All of our interviews are designed to be practical, fun, inspiring and easy to use right away.

Who should attend this summit:

1. Professional Caregivers. This summit offers you an incredible scale of information that is difficult to get anywhere else. Watch in the evenings while caring for a client, or listen in the car. We are here to support YOU! Our videos will make you laugh, smile, feel energized as well as arm you with tons of practical and updated information.

2. Unpaid Family Caregivers.   Are you caring for your aging parents, spouse or other family member both physically or remotely? We understand the struggle, frustration and lack of information to help you manage everything from the big picture down to the basics of every day caregiving tips.

3. Industry Professionals... As our society ages, the issues and demands of caregiving will become more of a drain on our population- affecting both our personal and professional lives. This summit serves as an unprecedented opportunity to get a global snapshot of the issue, and educate your staff to help them better balance their lives.


The best part is you can get access for FREE!

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Are there other bonuses?

Yes Indeed! All speaker sessions have a free audio podcast to download and listen, as well as in-depth information about themselves, their work, and links to books, pdf's or resources.

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