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Age Without Borders is passionate about serving globally curious, engaged and active adults interested in maximizing every age and stage of life. We feature common interests, concerns, lifestyles and innovations of the 50+ market via global virtual events, making it easy to watch, learn and grow.

Kari Henley Founder, Producer & Host - Colorado, USA

Kari is a social entrepreneur and an "aging enthusiast," with decades of experience in startups, virtual content development, international tele-seminars, blogging for the Huffington Post, facilitating and consulting for corporate and private clients and private to bring out the best in thought leaders. Kari has a master's degree in psychology, has done graduate studies in organizational leadership, and is passionate about transforming the aging industry globally. 

Moira Allan International Coordinator & Co-Host - Paris, France

Moira is the co-founder & international coordinator of the Pass it On Network — a community portal for over 45 liaisons on the cutting edge of the aging industry around the world. Moira, a senior consultant and career journalist, grew up in South Africa and now resides in Paris. She has traveled extensively and developed relationships with leading aging organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Jan Hively — Advisor & "Provocateur in Residence" - Massachusetts, USA

Jan Hively earned her PhD in 2001 at age 69 with a dissertation on “Productive Aging in Rural Communities.”  Since then she has co-founded several positive, productive aging networks including: the Vital Aging Network, the SHIFT Network, and the global Pass It On Network.  A Purpose Prize Fellow, Dr. Hively is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter and consultant for programs that engage older adult leadership and support “meaningful work, paid or unpaid, through the last breath.” She was profiled in Forbes  in a 2016 article titled, “The Serial Entrepreneur:  Is there Life after 50?”  Her answer is “Yes.”

Bruce Frankel — Co-Host and Summit Producer - Massachusetts, USA

Bruce Frankel is the best-selling author of the award-winning What Should I Do With The Rest Of My Life?: True Stories of Finding Success, Passion, and New Meaning in the Second Half of Life. A prize-winning journalist, he held writing, editing and reporting positions at People magazine and USA Today. He is Co-President of The Life Planning Network, a national nonprofit of professionals dedicated to positive aging, and the editor of the organization's quarterly, LPN-Q. He is also a partner and chief content officer of BSLI Redstring, an innovative community-building technology and company for social good. 

Judy Rough — COO - Colorado, USA

Judy's passion is working to stop ageism and educate professionals who work with older adults to have a deep understanding of the individual and a general knowledge of the contemporary issues of aging. Judy is the  Senior Director at the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, the premier membership organization certifying and educating professionals who serve older adults. A Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) ® is a professional specialist in aging who has demonstrated knowledge about aging and the important health, social, legal, finance and ethical issues that affect many older adults. 

Brigit Hassig — Strategic Alliances Director - Michigan, USA

Brigit Hassig, MPA, has more than twenty years of professional experience working with the kaleidoscope of older adult lifestyles, products and services in addition to her own growing-older journey. She advises on how to best reach, relate to and engage older adult markets and lifestyles. Brigit is enthusiastic about the gifts of aging, the need for industries and individuals to evolve to the true reality of the aging experience, and shares her infectious belief and challenges as a national conference speaker, and podcast and webinar contributor. She was recognized as being at the forefront of aging studies in Live Long, and Die Short, an award-winning book by Dr. Roger Landry.

Gabriel Monteiro — Gerontologist, Intl. Summit Producer - Paris, France

As a gerontologist, Gabriel Monteiro has focused onthe intersection of health promotion and social innovation in the aging space, gathering international experience in services and networks of support to older adults, families, professionals and entrepreneurs. He is also a project manager at Silver Valley, a national incubator that seeks to spearhead the silver economy in France by developing innovative products and services for seniors. He also develops AWB summits in Latin American and Europe.

Betsy Wiersma​ — Event Producer, Author & Speaker - Colorado, USA

As an international speaker and trainer, Betsy has spoken in Italy, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Scotland, Jamaica, Spain, and Australia, as well as cities throughout the United States. 

Winner of three worldwide ESPRIT Awards for event excellence, Betsy produces educational retreats and a network of 5000 women called CampExperience™ Network which has raised over $400,000 and $500,000 in-kind support for women’s charities in Colorado and around the world.

Award-winning event producer and author

International speaker and creator of the CampExperience™ Network

Angeline Ambatali — Professional Virtual Assistant - Philippines

Angeline Ambatali is the CEO of a virtual assistance company. Her professional background includes 8 years in virtual services. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs free up their time and concentrate on their business. She is skilled in many useful web applications, project management, email marketing, and social media management. Angeline lives in the Philippines with her husband and two children.

Alex Horst Video Editor & Designer - Colorado, USA

Alex Horst is the owner of Alex Jane Designs. She offers graphic and web design, content creation, and consulting for small businesses and individuals who want to properly build their brand or project. Alex has co-produced a short documentary recognized at the collegiate level and in a national competition. She loves organizing and simplifying through design. Alex lives in Colorado with her husband and their cat Bean.

Lindsay Hopper — Launch Manager - Colorado, USA

Sometimes big ideas have humble beginnings, they just need the right message and strategy and they spread like wildfire. This is why Lindsay loves working as a Launch Manager; she gets to give worthy, big ideas the rocket fuel they need to fly around the world and touch the people who need them most. After all, that’s what big ideas are meant to do. To learn more about what Lindsay’s up to, visit her and say “Hi!” at lhopper.com.

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